Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010 Target Stores, Inc.

Yeesh! We like totally intended to drop the whole group/corporate thing today but then Target had to go be all douchey and shit. So what's the scoop?

Seems our friends at Target Corporate think its just fine and dandy to market to the Gays to buy their cheap designer clothes, hire the Lesbians to manage their stores and generally pander to the gay gene to drop bucket loads of money in their hundreds of thousands of stores around the world while using our hard earn duckets to fund anti-gay campaigns like that of wanna-be Governor Tom Emmer. Gasp! What! Huh!? But I thought Target was all diverse-like and diverse oriented and inclusive and lovey-dovey. Just take a look at their FAKE and DOUCHEY website where the Chairman, President and CEO (can one person be all those things?) Gregg Steinhafel writes a pretty letter about how Target is proud of their diversity. Check it out HERE. Gross right? Wait. You didn't read it? Lazy. Well here's a quote. "At Target, diversity is much more than a goal or campaign. It’s a core value we integrate into every area of our business — from our suppliers, to our teams, to the shopping experience in our stores. We foster an inclusive culture that allows our high-performing and diverse team to drive innovation. " - Gregg Steinhafel Well maybe he's not a liar. He didn't mention that they include in their diversity, supporting the LGBT community politically. 'Cause they don't. They support bigotry and hatred. They support Tom Emmer who actively campaigns against the LGBT community and is strongly against marriage equality. You heard us. He not only campaigns against marriage equality but against evil things like LGBT couples fostering children or receiving death benefits. No really. Here's a douchey blip from the douchebag's efforts, courtesy of the Minnesota Independent. "In many instances, Emmer has tried to change language in bills to that same-sex couples cannot benefit. In a bill to create standards around surrogate motherhood, Emmer attempted to replace the word “parents” with the words “mother and father.” In a wrongful death bill this session, Emmer questioned the use of the term “domestic partner” just as he has in bills aimed at providing benefits for same-sex partners."

So why isn't Tom DOUCHEBAG Emmer our favorite douchebag today you ask? Well because we get to choose and you don't. Besides, idiot-douches like Emmer wouldn't be where they were if douche-corps like Target didn't support them financially. You see douche-spies, politicians need money to run for office, lots of money and Target gave Emmer One Hundred and Fifty THOUSAND DOUCHE DOLLARS. That's a lot of Merona dresses and Converse shoes.

So what do we do now? Well if you're like this fabulous very NOT douchey Grandma, you stage a one-woman (one powerful woman) boycott. You absolutely have to, must, watch this video. It is required by the by-laws of DOUCHEBAG DAILY. Watch it now and be amazed. Right?! We told you. Great video. So you could do like she did and buy a bunch of crap made in China and then return it and tell them why. Or you could just stop shopping there altogether and phone corporate douche headquarters at 1.800.440.0680 and tell them they suck ass for giving money to people who want to stop other people from having loving families. Maybe don't use the word "ass" 'cause they're all corporatey and stuff. Just say sucks coolie. Or you could organize a local boycott in your area and show up at Tar-douche-get with signs and stuff and yell cool things like "Get your hands off our Gays!" or you know, better ones. Anyhoo, there you go getting us off topic again...

Bring out the sell-out designers, line up the Chinese workers, let's give these folks an announcement they'll never forget. Here goes. Today Target Stores, you are our DOUCHEBAG DAILY!

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