Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010 FRIDAY FUN DAY!

Ok so we know we're just a tiny little blog read by our close friends and mothers and we know that last week we announced a tradition here at DOUCHEBAGS DAILY where Friday we would forgo any douchebaggery and concentrate instead on funny, loving, non-douchey videos in honor of the coming weekend. Well today is going to be a teenie-tinsey little different. Observe two videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first is the very NOT douchey Representative Anthony Weiner ripping Republicants a new one for voting NO on a bill that would have provided free health-care for the 9/11 first responders. You know, the people that ran into a burning, crashing, smoking, exploding building TWICE to save our assess. Yeah, the Republicants don't care that they risked their lives and are now facing all kinds of unexplainable illnesses due to being at Ground Zero and desperately need health-care. I'll let the Congressman explain. You will love this video just below. Underneath that video, well it's called "The Deer Stole My Wife" I'll let you watch and see. Enjoy the videos and enjoy the non-douchery and enjoy your weekend loved ones!

Representative Weiner rips Congress a new one

"The Deer Stole My Wife"

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