Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010 FRIDAY FUN DAY

Greetings douchebag devotees! As you well know, for decades now we have been setting aside Friday as a day of rest from douchebags. After all, our weeks are filled to the brim with douchey politicians, douchey commentators, and all-around douche-tastic individuals. If you were paying attention at all you would have realized that this week alone saw some douchebag greatness. Our little world saw new doucheness heights reached like it never has before. Dr. (N Word) Laura Schelessinger, Sarah "Dr. Douche is my best pal" Palin, Courtney "twitdouche" Love, Roger "hit me with another shot" Clemens, and so many more.

Glenn "bonehead" Beck especially comes to mind. With his announcement of his rally for honor or douchebags for honor or whatever the hell his marketing team cooked up and calls it, he has sunk to new lows in deciding the very douchey call of holding it on the same day and same spot as the MLK Jr's 1963 march. HuffPo reports - "The "Restoring Honor" rally has stirred up quite a bit of controversy due to the fact that it is taking place on the same day (August 28) and at the same place (the Lincoln Memorial) as the 1963 March on Washington, where Martin Luther King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech. Rev. Al Sharpton has even planned a counter-rally, which will also take place on Aug. 28."

We don't know bonehead Beck very well and frankly we don't care to. But we're pretty sure that if you were looking up MLK Jr. in Webstirz OPPOSITE dictionary there would be a picture of bonehead Beck. The guys a tool, and not the kind that fixes things, the kind that destroys the hope and character that made America great. Did we say Beck is s douchebag?

But we digress. Today is supposed to be about fun. So here it is. From the DOUCHEBAGS DAILY Entertainment and Comedy division on the 11th floor of our Manhattan skyscraper offices comes these fine videos for your viewing pleasure.

This week we have a Japanese theme because... well there is no reason we just have it.

The first is of a very unique and successful kind of juggler. WAIT! Before you click away... we hate jugglers too. We remember the time while in Amsterdam while enjoying some of the local produce (wink - wink) we met a juggler in the park who said if we give him ten bucks he would teach us how to juggle. I'll be a gob-nobbler if he didn't teach us how to juggle three balls and then have the nerve to ask for twenty bucks and some of our produce. Anyhoo... Check out this dude juggling "Glass Balls" you ain't never seen nuthin' like this.

Cool right?! This next one is somewhat less successful but we dare say just as enterprising. This little fella wants to fly. Gravity has another idea. Enjoy.

And finally here is an authentic Japanese Navy recruiting video. We're serious. This shit is for realz. Kinda makes us wanna join. You? Happy Fun Day!

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